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Energy Maintenace

These healings can be done more frequently. They help you achieve clearer thoughts, feel more in flow and cleans away unwanted energy that blocks forward progression.
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Healing the Past

These healings are deep and can profoundly clear away old blocks, trauma and negative patterns. They bring light to the mind, body, soul, and spirit layers of the Self.
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Advanced Healing Series

This is a major healing series of 9 sessions that remove the masks of your personality to allow you to more fully embody and express your Highest Self.

Isis Healing

As we live our day to day we can often become drained or scattered with our emotional energy, especially when we are in service of others through parenthood, work or general excess of output. In order to continue to pour from a full cup, we need to take care of our welling being regularly. This modality utilizes the energies of the Egyptian pantheon to revitalize the emotional body which in turn affects our mental and physical state. This session will help you feel more energized, realigned and refuel your capacity to continue serving.

Spark of Life

This powerful remote healing has been passed down for thousands of years to aid in bringing more light, energy and overall vitality to the receiver. Working on the mental, spiritual and physical levels, it profoundly benefits and boosts your whole system. It helps heal physical injuries, illness and pain- even in extreme cases such as hospitalizations and coma. This is a beautiful, unique and sacred service that amplifies the flow of light within.

Must be done remotely/ Recommended as an evening service so you are able to relax and rest after the session.

Spacial Realization

When you feel out of body, dissociated, lost in the physical or are losing personal items, this modality can serve to realign you with your Soul framework by moving you back to the center of your universe. Thus allowing you to create with greater efficacy and flow.

Spirit Infusion

Using the highest, purest ray of creation this healing brings light to raise your vibration and realign you to the highest aspect of Source. This is especially helpful when you are feeling blocked, low in energy or dim in light.

Add to any healing for $50.

Ensofic Ray Reiki Healing Modality

This modality works with the original energy of the universe, or Source energy, that exists within every living thing. It supports the highest expression of life – mind, body, and spirit. The hour session re-aligns all the aspects of ourselves to help us move back into cohesion and integration. It is a great modality to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances and it increases passion and connection to purpose. The healing is offered in a sacred space prepared with holy techniques and the highest form of reverence. 

  • Creates deep relaxation and restoration
  • Clears negative thought patterns
  • Balances emotional energies
  • Heightens vibration of body, releasing stagnant energy that can cause illness Increases consciousness and self awareness

Recommendation: Schedule 3 sessions for full impact.

Laying of Hands

A powerful healing that utilizes the energy of Christ and Mother Mary, helpful for physical pain, anxiety, addiction, depression as well as filling up your container with light when you feel hopeless, apathetic or lethargic. It is gentle, beautiful yet revitalizing.

Add to any healing for $50.

Sacred Egyptian Aura

Working with the first seven layers of the aura, this modality heals and balances the sacredness of the human body. Using Sacred Geometry and ancient Egyptian rites, it supports in bringing your spirit, soul, thinking, dreaming, astral, planning and action levels back into alignment. As the different parts of yourself become balanced, you will feel whole, complete, supported and purified.

Ancient Crystal

This modality utilizes different crystals laid upon specific areas of the body to enhance your mind, emotions, physical body, ability to make decisions, strength of will, awareness of time, spatial perception, libido, feeling of empowerment, and connection to spirit. It is a deeply rejuvenating and relaxing session that will leave you feeling awake, clear, and energized.

Shamanic Aura

This is a powerful yet gentle healing that cleanses and clears pollution in your aura. Using the Sutra of the Heart, a Sacred Tibetan Mantra, the unwanted and unserving energies will be released restoring a sense of peace, well-being and harmony. After the lower vibrations are released from your energy field, it will be sealed and protected. This session works beautifully for those who find themselves in a cycle of negative thinking directed at the self or others.

Negative Emotional Release

As we move through life we create cords of attachment to people, places, situations, pets, and more. These cords can grow from both positive and negative energy. By cutting the cord, you are removing the negative aspects of that attachment making room for healthier ones to grow. Once we are free from those negative attachments we can feel lighter, more energized, and have less pull towards thinking or feeling negative about that person, place, past situation.

Ra Ritual

Accessing energy from Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, this modality is profoundly protective and clearing. It purifies your energy field from lower vibrations that can make you feel drained, heavy, or negative. Once cleared, you will receive a protective seal that serves to fortify your field from unwanted energies.

Soul Retrieval

Trauma, loss, heart break, negative childhood experiences, any shock whether positive or negative causes parts of our soul to break away. This fragmentation affects our sense of wholeness and our connection to Spirit. Done in the Hermetic tradition, this lineage healing brings back the missing pieces and reconnects them to your soul body. It often gives receivers a feeling of completion, greater alignment of the soul and emotional healing.

Etheric Reconstruction

Is a precise healing that removes the pollutants and negative debris in your etheric energy field, the holiest and most sacred of your energy systems. These pieces block your fullest expression from being realized. It’s like a black spot on the camera lens, it distorts and limits the full picture.
This level of etheric reconstruction greatly influences your physical health and wellbeing. Diseases and illness express themselves first in less dense layers of your energy field and then manifest as shadows’ in the body.
This session helps tremendously to support your connection to your higher self while enabling flow within the etheric structure. This flow will influence your natural immune response, heal old wounds (physical and emotional), restore the body to a natural and harmonious state of being.

Includes a set of spagyrics that help with the detoxification process.

Hermetic Aura

Our Aura is a large three dimensional energy structure measuring 150 feet in diameter. As we walk through life, our aura can become damaged through many stressors such as trauma, environmental pollutants, ingested toxins like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and being near others who bother, irritate, and aggravate us. When our aura is damaged, it impacts us on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. Healing, cleansing, and purifying remove the negative energy and allows us to feel stronger and more vibrant in many ways.

This helps to seal the holes in your energy field created by trauma, substance, physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and much more. You will feel lighter, energized, purified, and have a greater sense of wholeness. The session is very sacred and contained within an atmosphere of Agape Love, the highest expression of love which is pure and unconditional.

Add to any healing for $50.

Auric Region:
King Salomon Healing Modality

Utilizing the Holy Sigils of the Archangels over the course of the series supports you in:

  • Clearing away the fake masks that suppress your True Self
  • Heals emotional and ancestral trauma
  • Opens your being and energy to higher Love and purpose
  • Allows you to recognize and release negative patterns of the past that no longer serve
  • Amplifies the light of your light body and your connection to spirit
  • Seals all 7 layers of your aura in the light

“I’ve done a ton of energy work at this point and these are some of the most powerful sessions I’ve ever received…. I feel profoundly changes, uplifted, and inspired” A.B

Required: Life Activation
Recommended: Empower Thyself Attendance