Activations, Healings, & Readings


The Full Spirit Activation is the Second Key, and must be done within 3 months of the Life Activation. This healing brings your Spirit, Soul, and Body into alignment. It deepens your connection with your unique self, which supports your Highest Expression and results in Joy.


You are the expert in your own life and it is up to you to develop the discernment needed to make the right decisions in your life. However, readings can be a powerful tool to help increase clarity, so that you can then focus your attention and action in the direction of your values and goals.

Healing Services


The Human Energy System is multidimensional and requires an array of tools and approaches to assist in healing, purifying and strengthening. Each Healing supports a different piece or layer in order to restore balance, alignment, and integrity. In combination with other wellness practices and tools, these healings can offer significant support.