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Activation Services

The Life Activation is the First Key. It turns the lights on and awakens a greater sense of who you are. By gaining insight into Who You Are, you are better able to access your innate gifts and purpose. With more clarity you can chose how best to move forward in your own life.

Classes + Training

Empower Thyself is the Second Key. This takes the light turned on through the Life Activation to an entirely different level. This class enables you to have an even greater impact on the world. By Empowering Yourself and stepping forward on the Path of Knowing your True Self, you are better seated to serve those around you. The tools and knowledge handed down in this class service as a spiritual foundation that will continuously guide and serve you.

Healings + Readings

Healings + Readings allow you to move through your progression with greater ease. There are many layers to ourselves and these different tools aim to clean, balance, and heal what is needed to continue forward. It is recommended that you schedule a consultation to see what may serve you best.