Intro to Personal Self-Development

Are you feeling complacent, stagnant, or dissatisfied with the overall experience of your life? Do you struggle to create healthy relationships or take care of yourself? Looking for a holistic system to understand yourself and develop a solid foundation for your dreams? Then this Intro to Personal Self-Development course is for you. This course offers a foundational step towards wellness, human potential, and becoming the Hero of your journey.



Additional Details:

6 Modules / 27 Lessons / 90 minutes

Course Objectives

  1. Discover how early childhood experiences influence the way you move through the world as an adult
  2. Learn how your mind operates, and develop the awareness needed to move from reaction to response
  3. Recognize the importance of self-regulation and practice strategies to create internal stability
  4. Examine self care as a tenant of wellness and establish your own routine
  5. Connect to your empowerment through responsibility and action
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