Hermetic Aura​

Our Aura is a large three dimensional energy structure measuring 150 feet in diameter. As we walk through life, our aura can become damaged through many stressors such as trauma, environmental pollutants, ingested toxins like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and being near others who bother, irritate, and aggravate us. When our aura is damaged, it impacts us on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. Healing, cleansing, and purifying remove the negative energy and allows us to feel stronger and more vibrant in many ways.
This helps to seal the holes in your energy field created by trauma, substance, physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and much more. You will feel lighter, energized, purified, and have a greater sense of wholeness. The session is very sacred and contained within an atmosphere of Agape Love, the highest expression of love which is pure and unconditional.


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