Empower Thyself Workshop

Empower Thyself Workshop


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Empower thyself is a 2-day class that serves as a true alchemical transformation for the soul. Filled with sacred teachings, tools, and techniques designed to know ourselves better, discern, and diminish negative aspects of our ego, understand and develop the innate gifts already within – and much more.

To describe this as a class, does not do justice to how profound and life-changing it is for those who attend. It truly and permanently shifts you into a higher level of consciousness.

This class serves as a major step in the path to self-mastery and has been taught in the same manner for over 3,000 years. Handed down through an unbroken and pure lineage taught through the Modern Mystery School.

The culmination of the class will end in a ceremonial Initiation. This ancient right of passage has been described throughout the ages as the powerhouse of evolution. A quantum leap forward in your spiritual progression, allowing for greater light, energy, and clarity. Receiving these initial Keys gives you the ability to unlock your capacity and accelerate the progression of your life and spirit.

This is a beautiful investment in yourself. Giving yourself the ability to find greater knowledge, purpose, and empowerment in your life.