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Casey Lepper

Spiritual Guide, Healer, Life Activation Practitioner, Second Step Ritual Master, Licensed Psychotherapist.

I am a certified Spiritual Guide, Healer, Teacher, Life Activation Practitioner, Second Step Ritual Master, within the lineage of King Salomon as well as a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in individual and couples counseling. I am passionate about assisting others in moving towards their highest potential, often integrating the spiritual with the psychological to get deeper and push further.

My enthusiasm for this work is born out of the culmination of many serendipitous moments and life experiences. Throughout my life, I learned to be strong, resilient, optimistic and to have the courage to remain compassionate to those around me. To see the light in others, however dim, rather than focusing on the dark. What started as a means for survival grew into one of my greatest gifts- seeing people for who they really are, for who they can be. A gift I’m passionate about spreading.

I enjoy supporting people in shifting the view of their life. To look at all the struggles endured as opportunities for growth, practicing under the guiding principle that we have the choice to consider all that has happened to us as a gift- a lesson teaching us exactly what we need in order to grow taller, stronger, and brighter.

Through my personal work physically, psychologically and spiritually, I realized that we are absolutely limitless in terms of potential and that we all have a light that’s waiting to be rediscovered and expanded. I want to help you tap into that light and support you in feeling empowered to live a life full of joy, love and light.